Why such lawlessness ?

Bangalore Rants

The rioting and looting last week was a another black mark on the cosmopolitan face of the city. It is a sad and shameful display of lawlessness by elements who I knew existed, but didn’t expect to be so blatant.

This is the second time in a year or so that Bangalore has witnessed wanton harm to citizens. The destruction of public, private property will in all probability go unpunished. I am agonizing over how we the common people will secure ourselves from such mobs and hooligans. What fortifications can one put up to avoid injury or worse from such situations ? The law keepers and makers seem to be busy elsewhere and it is hopelessly outnumbered, demoralized and inept to handle such situations.

My frustration is too deep to go into how we could fend from, insure against or avoid such happenings. It seems a futile to ask that we stick together and make this city work. Bangalore has such tantalizing potential to be the city that India can be proud of , but alas, it is being dragged back every time a few steps to progress are made. Perhaps a few more days and the optimist in me will come back to think lofty thoughts.

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