Asmita got her first “performance review” sheet after a year in her school (Prakriya). Shes had fun and is eager to go everyday and that’s what matters !
The wife and I are not going to fall for the “gotta rush to get to score 99.99%” line. If I can turn out to okay, so can my kid. Childhood should be fun. I wish a lot of people I meet can sit and enjoy the sound of silence, and see the little joys of being here.

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  1. nice to see u r kid is doing well!!!i am planning to send my kid to prakriya. we are planning to stay some where around Koramangala. I am concerned about the distance to this school and also u r sincere opinion about this school and its fee structure. pls reply in this email :chrisanto@rediffmail.com

  2. Hi,

    I am looking at Prakriya as an option for my son. Can you share your perspectives?

    – Is it for real?
    – Can the framework help them cope with competitive exams etc. required over the long term (not questioning the value of their model in the s/t)
    – Are they able to sustain their teachers/teaching quality over the years … as they have set very high expectations for themselves?

    Would appreciate your honest inputs here or at sridhar.turaga@gmail.com

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