iTunes for India – at last !

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I got a pleasant surprise today as I docked my ipod for a long due sync-up. iTunes now allows me to register as a user and leads us into an iTunes India store. Cooool ! I has visions of being able to redeem my iTunes coupons and download music….

BUT, the store is only for apps for the ipod touch (and the imminent iphone ?)

Kinda quite launch, eh? Like so many,  I did send them a stinker about the lack of iTunes, when I got the ipod touch last winter and look like they did read stuff coming to them from here.

2 thoughts on “iTunes for India – at last !

  1. That is good news!
    So I understand abimito can be found on iTunes in India as well.
    I hope the Indian people will check out the Abimito
    album called “Aprecado”
    It’s a contribution to all cultures.

    Greetings, Peter Thissen.

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