Prakriya school and “competitive exams”…

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I got a ping about my kid’s school and its “green wisdom” approach to education. The teachers at the school are refreshingly laid back and have the Kid in mind, not his/her earning potential. A parent asked the following questions and my responses are inline:


-Is it for real?


Yes, my daughter, wife and I like this place. It appeals to my sense of values that teach kids from simple things. Like any good school, I don’t think it will make every kid a genius, but will let them develop as wholesome adults. It will equip them with a very balanced ability to make the right choices in life.

– Can the framework help them cope with competitive exams etc. required over the long term (not questioning the value of their model in the s/t)


Yes it will. A lot of the mindset depends on what you as a parent want. I don’t think this is the school for people who want to create a memory automaton device out of kids. Any kid who can get the proper vales will figure out the importance of a competition and get going when the need arises.  My personal view is, if my kid wants to  appear for any exam, I’ll be encouraging her go for it. But, I do not measure her as a person on the basis of an exam. I will encourage her if she prefers going for any avenue that doesn’t need exams too, with equal enthusiasm. If she wants to go be a painter, that’s her choice, how do I know what gets her happy and going ?


– Are they able to sustain their teachers/teaching quality over the years … as they have set very high expectations for themselves?

Of the two years my daughter has been there, we had people who we could see were loving and caring. She’s learnt a ton and is bright, charming and reasonable. What more can I ask? The joy of getting a lecture on recycling form a 5 year old is as good as any “ROI” I wanted.



15 thoughts on “Prakriya school and “competitive exams”…

  1. Hi Viswa,

    V nice article. We are trying to get our child into Prakriya for the 4th std, as we believe in similar philosophies.

    I would like to discuss some more aspects regarding the school with you. Can you pls send your contact number to


  2. Thank you for your blog. I would like my son to join Prakriya as well & as of now I have only heard good reviews about the school.. i really hope that my son gets in,

  3. My self and my wife visited this school, we felt this school is action orented. I observed school management is concentrated on child development and quality education. Not on marketing.
    I saw in one of the blog in Prikriya kids are sitting in dust, before visting school that bad opinion was there, but after visting school I felt not completely true. I remember my child days, felt when we play in sand pit naturally we carry some dust. Nothing wrong.

    Kids are using all facilities in full extend.

    I felt is class rooms lighting is sufficient? need check.
    what is fee structure? help me with your observations and reviews, I am planning to join my kid.


  4. hi sivaprasad,

    I would suggest you speak them. They very approachable staff, unlike the usual grim responses we got from several schools. Fees area not very high, in the range of 50k for the pre-school.

    overall, the school is fantastic for my daughter, some people misunderstand the ‘gurukul’ environment as it looks very rural. But I love that she is so “grounded” to reality, pun not intended.

  5. Nice post! Education starts at home and atleast for the initial years, the duty of the school is to ensure that the child learns the bare minimal and then equip him or her with tools to do the rest of the learning by himself. If teachers can help character building while the child is at school, it’s a bonus. I am planning to get my little angel in Prakriya.

  6. Hi Vishwa,

    Nice to read your post. We have also moved from US just 1.5 months now. My son is going to Brigade school in Malleshwaram and everyday has bcome trouble day with my son giving reasons to skip school. I wanted to know more info on this school so request you to kindly mail your personal mail id. Hope its okay with you.

    thanks Rashmi

  7. Anyone have a kid in 6th grade in Prakriya? Are admissions still open? will be moving next month to bangalore…..Thank u for any info regarding the school

  8. I have two daughters aged 3 and half and 1 and half. I read your blog about the school and other reviews on various other websites. I am impressed. We are looking for something like this for our daughters. It has been two years since you wrote the blog. How do you feel about it now? Has your opinion changed in any way? Also, do they teach Kannada from nursery? It’s very important for us that our daughters learn the Mother tongue from early on. I would apperciate all the information.


  9. Hi,

    Iam looking for my daughters admission in 4th std in prakriya, I got to know about this school through some parent in
    My daughter is currently studying in same kind of school in Pune called Aman Setu, after reading different blogs about this school I spoke to them and they asked me to get in touch with them in the month of April, if there are any vacancies they would consider. Can anyone suggest any other options (same kind of schools) in and around HSR layout, Koramangalam and I need to have some other options of hand.

    Usha Rao

  10. Hi Vishwa,

    Hope you are doing good! The Recent comment I received about Prakriya is mentione below, Still your daughter studying there? also prefer this school?

    “I won’t recommend Prakriya if it’s with respect to education. But I have my kids there mainly for the less stressful atmosphere and the safety.”

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