How do we fight this ?

Bangalore Rants

Read this link for an example of how the tide is turning.  The silent sufferers, who are aware/afraid of  “taking the law into their hands” seem to be developing some bonemass, allowing them to stand up to the gooda elements.

Its amazing how we suffer them on a dialy basis. Its all the way from small barbs when we get fingered by rude traffic violators to incidents like the one above.  Little by little, they strip away our confidence and respect for fellow beings and reduce us to gutless wimps, or worse, one of them.

Yeah, Yeah, I know, we will have to pay a price for trying to stand up to these insults. Its easy for the goondas to do what they do, they dont care that they are breaking the law or threading on our freedoms.  We are saddled with all that weight and will have to pay for it in cash, kind, time and pain, if we want to fight it.