Off skiing in Gulmarg…

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Yay !  we are all off skiing for a week in gulmarg, J&K.   After some major web hunt, phone calls and verfications, I think I have a semblance of a plan for the family and friends. I hope to update folks on the details so that it can be of use to skiiers planning trips to this place.

Spoke to folks from  and .

I also look forward to comparing this with the only other ski resort in Auli.

The Himalayan Ski village coming up near Manali

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On my flight to Kullu on an Air Deccan ATR 42, I happened to be seated next to the managers and CEO of the Himalayan ski village coming up near manali.I had been tracking the news reports for a year now and it was good to see them in the flesh. Obviously, I had a lot of questions for them and what I gleaned after the impromptu interview was :

1. The ski village slopes will be functional in 2008. They are currently training a large bunch of local ski instructors on skiing methods of instruction, patrolling and rescue.

2. The Gondola lifts will take skiers onto the Shethal Dome, where there will be more chair lifts. There will be a mix of bunny, intermediate and black diamonds. They promised to make it international quality, like Vail or Whistler 🙂 ! including dressed slopes I hope

3. There will be a complete resort with Hotels, shops and food places near the ski lifts.

This will be a first in India, where a complete ski resort with all the bells and whistles thrown in. I cant wait to get my carving set on the slopes. I plan to ping the ski village guys on a regular basis and keep news up to date here.