iTunes for India – at last !

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I got a pleasant surprise today as I docked my ipod for a long due sync-up. iTunes now allows me to register as a user and leads us into an iTunes India store. Cooool ! I has visions of being able to redeem my iTunes coupons and download music….

BUT, the store is only for apps for the ipod touch (and the imminent iphone ?)

Kinda quite launch, eh? Like so many,  I did send them a stinker about the lack of iTunes, when I got the ipod touch last winter and look like they did read stuff coming to them from here.

The cool new Dell 24W7FP


The 24 inch Dell has been with me now for little more than two months. It has been more or less flawless with Vista + a Radoen X1600 card. I was unable to find the Vista release and have had to run with the version that came on the Vista media which is actually a MS release.The ATI site lists the driver still in Beta. I hope it will release soon, given that Vista should be out in retail shelves on the 30th of Jan.

The one glitch that surfaced and couple of times is that the monitor did not detect the DVI output of the card and I had to use the VGA cable to see what was happening. It could be my card or its driver acting up, but I have been unable to see why. After the VGA connection is made and the system rebooted, the DVI came back up and everything seemed fine, Duh.

P.S. : The background is a pic of the himalayas in Auli, taken my 2005 ski trip.