Speedbreakers in Bangalore should be called Carbreakers/Limb-breakers

Bangalore Rants

With ill-designed road humps on any Bangalore road every 100 meters, only an idiot can think that they prevent accidents. I would bet they actually cause more than they prevent. Add that to over genius road works guys way of putting up cement block road partitions, what we have is a  human killer trap for roads.

Toady, I actually counted the road humps I negotiate on my short 8KM trip to the office, they number 14, with one prize winning stretch with 3 in a span of about 200 meters! I bet every time there is a road accident on a stretch of road, instead of looking at providing a better access mechanism for the pedestrians, we myopically put in a “speed-breaker”.  I think we take the slogan “ribbed for extra pleasure” to a whole new meaning.