The DIY Home Theatre Project Page

Here’s my long delayed documentation of the trials and tribulations I went through while building out the home theatre. 

The list of contraints and challenges, not in any particular order:
• This had to be inexpensive, even by Indian standards.
• No hiring of expensive consultants, Google was the only source.
• The walls are brick masonry and cement plaster, as is with all houses in Bangalore. This meant a lot of reverberation and acoustic “flutter”.
• I dedicated a 20 feet (length) by 14 feet (width) room, one side has a bay window and the other side as a 2 feet wide window.

 What I wanted to achieve was:
• Great sound, to play my SACD, and other HD audio sources.
• Great Picture, 120” (diagonally) wide screen
• Comfortable space for our three member family and occasional friends over for a movie.
The hardware I have accumulated over the last three years has been:
• Onkyo 875 receiver (after two upgrades since 2002)
• BenQ PE7700 720p projector. (I know, I know, I’ll upgrade to 1080p as soon as I can afford it).
• Onkyo SACD/DVD player
• Panasonic BD30 Bluray player
• Tatasky (plain old TV, DTH)
• B&W 7.1 speaker setup (603 series)
• Monster cable and interconnects
• Monster clean power line conditioner.
Over the next series of posts, I will recount the process of the design and build-out. Please revisit to see the sections below starting to flesh out :

  1. The Screen
  2. The Acoustics
  3. The Sound
  4. The Video
  5. Wiring
  6. Seating


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